U Family – Lexicon Circles


The U School Lexicon is a reference tool which lays out the language used by educators at the U School with children and with each other. We have found that when our whole community (teachers, parents, children, and other caregivers) build greater understanding of and consistent use of the lexicon that this language tool becomes especially powerful. With this in mind many parents have asked how can they learn more about the lexicon and how teachers use it at the U School. Additionally there has been ongoing interest in establishing U Family parenting circles. Now here it is….back again…U Family – Lexicon Circles!

What is a Lexicon Circle?

A gathering of family members, educators, and caregivers to discuss the full range of joys, trials, successes, and challenges we face in cultivating inspiring environments and experiences for children. Critically, these meetings will emphasize the U School Lexicon as a platform for productive discourse at your child’s level.

Attending a Lexicon Circle

Lexicon Circles can be attended by any current or aspiring to be educator, parent, or caregiver by preregistering below or dropping in the evening of. You do not need to be an enrolled U School family member or U School educator, anyone can attend.

When? Tuesdays from 7-9pm on the dates below.

Where? The U School.

3630 Plaza Dr. 5A & 6A, Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Cost? Lexicon Circles are free with a suggested donation of $10. 100% of donations will go towards the U School’s tuition assistance fund.

Purchase a Copy of the U School Lexicon


Reading & Reflection 

We’ve put together a course online (click the link above) that allows you to go through your Lexicon, at your own pace, and answer some reflective questions. We’ve also included some excellent videos that provide further insight into how to use The U School Lexicon. The course is free and those that finish the course get a limited edition rainbow U School sticker!