Is the U School a preschool or a daycare center?

We are both! Our high quality teachers and learning environment represent high quality preschool learning. We also believe that when children enroll, the whole family enrolls and the first way to help a modern day family is with their schedule. We hold a deep commitment to flexible scheduling while providing a high quality preschool environment.

Does the U School serve lunch?

The U School does not provide lunch. Children bring their lunches to school. Items can be reheated and kept in our refrigerator, if needed.

How often do you go outside to play?

Many, many times a day, in all kinds of weather. The only thing that will stop us from getting outside is severe weather.

Is the U School a year-round school?

Sort of. The U School follows the Ann Arbor Public Schools calendar as a guide. We begin and end our school year on the same days as AAPS does. However during Winter, Spring, and Summer breaks we stay open for families. There are a few days during the school year where we are closed – Thanksgiving and the day after, 2-4 days during Winter Break, MLK Day, and Memorial Day. We also close for a week after the school year ends for school cleaning, organizing, and staff training. The same goes for the week before the school year begins.

Does the U School celebrate holidays?

The U School does not promote or celebrate any holidays. If a child celebrates a holiday and wants to share that holiday with their class, whether formal or informal, we honor that for the child and view it as a learning moment for our community.

Is the afternoon different from the mornings?

The short answer is yes, it is. While there may be many of the morning learning choices offered again in the afternoon, due to rest time, the afternoon can look a little different from the morning.