2019-20 School Year Enrollment?

With deep interest in the community for the U School’s “U Learning” classroom program (ages 3-5), we maintain a growing waitlist for enrollment each year. Please contact Ryan for current availability or give us a call, 734.368.9551.

    1. 3-4 years old has very limited availability.
    2. 4-5 years old has some availability.

The 2019-20 school year begins 9/3/19 and ends 6/12/20. The U School has 2 three turning four year old classrooms and 2 four turning five year old classrooms. The youngest age for enrollment is 33 months by September 1.




2019 U Learning Summertime?

The U School will offer nine weeks of summer programming. Please contact Ryan for current availability or give us a call, 734.368.9551.

      1. June 24 – June 28
      2. July 1 – July 5 (U School closed 7/4 & 7/5)
      3. July 8 – July 12
      4. July 15 – July 19
      5. July 22 – July 26
      6. July 29 – August 2
      7. August 5 – August 9
      8. August 12 – August 16
      9. August 19 – August 23

Interested in 2020-21 Enrollment and Beyond? “Claim Your Spot!”

The U School offers a flexible option for families to secure their child’s spot in line for enrollment in U Learning. A $50, fully refundable at any time, deposit claims a U Learning enrollment spot in line for your child. Claim your spot!

Here’s how it works:

      • Submit a fully refundable deposit of $50 and be placed on a first come, first serve “claim your spot” list.
      • Once U Learning enrollment begins for the “claim your spot” families, and for the year you are interested in, you may submit an enrollment application.
      • At any time you can be removed from the list and have your deposit refunded.
      • When U Learning enrollment opens for the year you are interested in, your $50 enrollment deposit pays the $50 application enrollment fee.

Two step process to “claim your spot:”

1. Submit your “claim your spot” deposit online

2. Fill out the “claim your spot” form

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