U Play Pop-Up – Movement! September 23, 2017


The Triumphant Return of the U Play Pop-Up!

A new early childhood and family fitness event popped up in Ann Arbor!

This U Play Pop-Up – Movement! experience for children, families, and community members was all about moving and physical fitness. Over 100 participants showed up between 10am-12pm and, as family teams, traveled the 0.5K trail loop with three movement experiences and challenges throughout. On the trail everyone had the opportunity to try out some of the U School students’ favorite movement activities with our expert teachers – Parkour with Vanya, Capoeira with Lobinho, and Yoga with Curtis! At the end we celebrated as participants recorded their completed challenges, received an achievement plaque, and enjoyed “power up” snacks and cold water.

PHOTOS of the U Play Pop-Up – Movement! U School teacher and local photographer, Ellen Molina, takes us on a journey through the U Play Pop-Up – Movement! Challenge Course. Come along!

Our movement experts…

…Parkour with Vanya! 

Vanya is creative parkour athlete and coach, who has spent the past ten years diving deep into philosophy of parkour and practicing this movement art around the world. He is currently studying positive psychology at the University of Michigan. Learn more about Vanya and his work.

…Yoga with Curtis! 

Curtis is a teacher, artist, and long time friend and supporter of the U School. He was a part of the U School teaching team as yoga instructor during our first and second year of U Learning.

…Capoeira with Lobinho! 

Fabio joined the U team as our Fridays specials teacher, bringing Capoeira to U Learning. Known in the capoeira world as “Contra Mestre Lobinho,” he began training Capoeira in 1998 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He has taught and trained with adults and children of all ages. Learn more about Fabio and his work here. May we even suggest checking out the International Capoeira CDO and Ann Arbor Michigan Capoeira Family Event,  Brazillian Roots 2017!