U Play Pop-In – Kinetic & Collective Mural Art February 17, 2018


This U Play experience, a kinetic and collective mural art experience, was actually a “Pop-In” as opposed to the familiar “Pop-Up.” Natalie, our yoga teacher and local community artist, projected and taped our logo super large on our east gym wall. We covered all the walls and floors. Over 100 participants came through in clothes that could get PERMANENT PAINT on them. The U School provided bandanas, goggles, gloves and plastic bags for additional coverage. Families in groups of four were invited into the gym and had at it. They dipped fabric balls in colors of paint (very berry and peek-a-boo blue) and threw the balls at the logo. After all families had opportunity to participate we let the paint dry. On the next day of school Natalie and the children pulled the tape off and unveiled our U School logo. The most common phrase heard after have a turn throwing paint, “THAT…WAS…AWESOME!” In addition to the mural experience, both classrooms were played in at the U School. Families also enjoyed snacks, coffee, and tea in the kitchen.

PHOTOS of the U Play Pop-In – Kinetic & Collective Mural Art