U Move


An eight week course, with Uniquely Moved instructor Beth Mount, that facilitates adults exploring and improving their natural human movements. This course helps you: Move more in your daily life. Become more connected with your body. Understand the movements young bodies crave. Feel empowered to be a movement leader for yourself, family, and classroom.

Beth is a Restorative Exercise Specialist certified by Nutritious Movement.

U Move offers the following content areas:

  1. U Move for Parents & Educators – Discover the diverse needs of the human body for movement. Parents will examine the spaces we live in and learn how to bring more movement into their family life. Educators will examine the spaces they teach in and learn how to bring more movement into their classroom life.
  2. Take a Walk With Me Learn about the biomechanics of the feet, legs, and gait.  Learn how to guide strong development in young children. Discover how to fit daily walking into family life.
  3. Get to Know Getting Low Learn a wide variety of ways to move down to and be on the floor. Low squats included! Enhance connection by being down in your child’s world. Nourish your hips, pelvis and legs.
  4. Hangout Together Create strong subtle shoulders by exploring hanging, lifting, and carrying. Understand the body’s need for these motions. Find ways to provide more arm and shoulder health.

Registration Information & Cost

Register for U Move Summer 2018 

When? Tuesday Nights from 7pm-8pm – 6 sessions on 7/10, 7/17, 7/24, 8/7, 8/14, 8/21

Where? The U School

Cost? $78 (individuals) & $117 (partners)

Proceeds of the course cost go towards the U Move Instructor, Beth, and the U School tuition assistance fund, making a win-win-win for you, Beth, preschool families, and teachers.