The Ubuntu Squad


What is the Ubuntu Squad?

The Ubuntu Squad represents a group of U School community members working together, on a team, towards a common goal.

Ubuntu Squad –  Kickball

Our next Ubuntu Squad will be a 2018 Spring/Summer Kickball team in the AAPS Rec&Ed league. Here is the roster:

Joe Stein

Ryan Brown

Hannah Brown

Brian Hunter

Molly Hunter

Robben Schulz

Martin Thoburn

Alexa Schrock

Will Speet

Ryan Huey

Mike Kusner

Katie Kusner

Kai Stabell

Dawn Verbrigghe

Josh Charson

Valentina Silva-Charson

Kat Szczygiel

Natalie Adams

Katie Robinson

Luke Robinson

Aubrey Thomason 

Jamie Mero

Ted Mero

Ubuntu Squad – 2017-18 Men’s Basketball

The first “pilot” Ubuntu Squad was a 15 player men’s basketball team in the 2017-18 Fall/Winter AAPS Rec & Ed league. Over the course of the season, we will use this web page, our Facebook page, our Instagram page, and our global email group to document the team’s journey.










2017-18 Fall/Winter Men’s Basketball Team

#4 Jonathan Njus

#5 Kai Stabell

#6 Brian Hunter

#7 Dino Wang

#8 Steve Morris

#9 Matt Hoffman

#10 Eyal Ruff

#11 Ryan Brown

#14 Jongwook Choi

#17 Max Cope

#21 Ted Mero

#27 Matt Nelson

#33 Luke Jackson

#77 Evans Boeve

#00 Ryan Huey