Mindful Parents & Educators



MP&E Intro: Boot Up Your Practice

8 Wednesday evenings, 6:30-8pm

The motto of this class is, “Put your own oxygen mask on first.” We will learn four core attentional training practices, along with specific applications geared towards parenting and teaching challenges. By the end of eight sessions, you will focus and adjust your attention in real time to adapt and respond to life in a more optimal way. This class is for beginners, but people with previous mindfulness practice are welcome and will also benefit.

Intro Course Manual

Winter 2019: January 2 – February 27*

*No Class on 1/30/19.

Spring 2019: April 3 – May 22

Register for both the MP&E intro and extension courses together and receive a 15% discount.

MP&E Extension: Practice with Children

4 Wednesday evenings, 6:30-8pm

Now that we have embarked on our own path, it is time to learn more about sharing mindfulness practice directly with children. This four-week course will offer techniques and activities to share with children at home or in a classroom. We will also extend our own practice by approaching the techniques we learned in the intro course from a new angle. Note: The intro course is a prerequisite for this extension.

Extension Course Manual

Spring 2019: March 6 – 27

About the program:

MINDFUL PARENTS & EDUCATORS (MP&E) is a course which helps grown-ups become more adept at staying in the moment, especially when in the presence of children (who learn a lot from the subtleties about us). There are two bottom lines: 1: A solid mindfulness practice makes us happier. 2: When we are happier, our children tend to be happier and healthier too.

Whether you have some meditation practice under your belt already, or you are a fresh beginner, welcome. This course is intended for parents—particularly parents of preschoolers, although its benefits are not limited to relationships with the 3-5-year-old set. Folks with older (and younger) children have also found that the techniques we study are relevant and applicable to their parenting lives. You do not have to be a parent at the U School to participate; MP&E is open to anyone. And since everything we learn in the MP&E course has been road-tested in classroom settings, teachers are also invited.* Once again, it might seem that preschool educators would be the most natural fit for this class; however, teachers from other school contexts also report that this course benefits their interactions with students.

*If you are an educator, you will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course. For early childhood professionals, up to six completed hours can go towards required annual professional development.

You can attend in person, or via Skype. After you register, you’ll receive a course manual with instructions for all the techniques we’ll learn, suggestions for how to apply them in daily life, and other notes and concepts to support your practice.



“This class was transformative! At a time in my life, with two kids under 4, I knew something needed to change and this class came to the rescue. I was struggling with a lot of newly developed anger that I hadn’t experienced before, it was new territory for me. This class helped me focus on things with a whole new perspective. Charlie is a fantastic, clear instructor and I left each class feeling renewed. As we all know, nothing is a quick fix, but this class started me on the right path and I look forward to continuing my practice.”

“The course was an introduction to mindfulness to me. It jumpstarted my meditation practice, which has helped feel more aware and grounded every day. One huge benefit has been increased patience and connection with my kids. My daughter and I practice mindful activities often, from mindful eating to mindful walks where we focus on listening and looking. It’s a great way for us to spend time together.”

About the teacher

Charlie’s mindfulness coaching has been ongoing since 2013 after taking teaching courses from Shinzen Young. Charlie has helped people apply mindfulness to work- or family-related stress, to process chronic pain, to interact with more compassion, to break down mental habits or “tape loops,” to improve interactions between teachers and students, and more. His current focus is developing mindfulness trainings for parents, educators, and preschoolers.

If you have any questions about Mindful Parents & Educators course offerings, please e-mail Ryan (U School Director) and/or Charlie.


MP&E Intro: Boot Up Your Practice

Winter 2019: January 2 – February 27

Spring 2019: April 3 – May 22

MP&E Extension: Practice with Children

Spring 2019: March 6 – 27