DAJ Memorial Golf Classic

Here is an opportunity, that comes with a story, to support resources for the U School that go directly to children that will benefit from addtional support services. This is a strong need for the U School as we build a greater inclusive community. Please read on and think about which choice is best for you – golfing, hole sponsorship, or direct donation.

Registration and Hole Sponsorhip Ends 5/20/2022

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In 2020 the world lost an amazing human, one who truly believed that children were our future, that education was power and that we each have a hand to play in shaping the world to be a better place and in creating a culture where everyone has the best possible opportunity to learn and develop—to be the best version of themselves. That person was the mother of Stacey (a childhood friend of the U School’s co-founders, Jackson and Ryan), a true innovator who was passionate about the children that walked into her classroom, played in her back yard and knocked on her front door.

A message from Stacey,

Neighborhoods have changed over the last few decades, I was extremely fortunate to grow up in one of those rare Ann Arbor neighborhoods where everyone literally knew your name, where neighbors celebrated each other’s accomplishments and lent a helping hand when needed. My mother loved watching the kids from the neighborhood grow into the type of adults she envisioned them to be.

Over the past 20+ years there were 100s of conversations where she would share how proud she was of ‘The Boys’, as she so lovingly called them. This group of high energy, passionate and driven young men more than surpassed her expectations: whether their path was business, music or education, they each fell into a space selected by their hearts. She would ‘clip’ an article about their achievements or give me an update on their success via a run-in at Meijer or Target that she recently had. She ensured that regardless of where I was in the world, I knew how well they were doing and how their contributions were making a difference.

The “U” School was founded and is ran by two of those ‘boys’, Ryan Brown & Jackson Perry. In her honor, I couldn’t think of a better way to keep her memory alive than to establish a fund that would ensure that each year ‘The Boys’ have access to assets that would allow for them to fuel the commitment to improving the educational experience for future generations. She truly believed, with her last breath, that children are the future and how we nurture, connect, and teach them impacts the world.

We thank each of you for helping us to create a lasting memory with the intent to give back and nurture others. I can’t think of a better way to honor my mother’s memory than finding a fun way to bring people together all while supporting the growth needs for the children in our circle.

My mom was my biggest cheerleader, I hope that I can now be hers. Please join us in celebrating her memory by participating in the 1st D.A.J. Memorial Golf Classic!

Registration and Hole Sponsorhip Ends 5/20/2022

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