The Lexicon


This book contains a vocabulary which keeps our daily conversations with children firmly anchored in the U School’s ideals. The Lexicon helps people understand how they can be powerful problem solvers, helps children and grown-ups communicate with less friction, and supports social-emotional development and executive function.


1. What is the U School Lexicon?

An overview of the philosophy behind the book, and an introduction to its content:


2. What are the central terms in the Lexicon?

A recitation of the semi-visual poem, “The Way of the Lexicon” (page 73):


3. Why does the Lexicon incorporate sign language?

Because it is extraordinarily useful:


4. How does one master the Lexicon?

Among other ways, through collaborative storytelling:

Lexicon courses and workshops are in development. Meanwhile, the same awareness powers that the Lexicon helps us discuss with children are worthy of deep study for grown-ups, as well. Head over to the Mindful Parents & Educators program for a deep dive into your own happiness and the quality of relationships you share with the children in your care. This territory is directly relevant to ways the Lexicon can inform our choices of words and actions in children’s presence!


5. What’s the big picture?

Educating more peaceful humans, a handful of words at a time:


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